The Light Inside - featuring Shane Thrapp

I joined Jeffrey B. Besecker of The Light Inside on his show: Seeing Things Differently: Developing Inclusion & Disclosure In Uniquely Talented Individuals!

We learn in today, looking at what it means to be neurodivergant - and exploring how both as a community and a society - we embrace these beautiful differences in our brains.
As we develop new paradigms - this task often requires a new language addressing it - this case can certainly be made as we approach the neurodiversity paradigm.
The social dynamics that manifest in regard to neurodiversity are similar to the social dynamics that manifest in regard to other forms of human diversity.
These dynamics include the dynamics of social power inequalities, and also the dynamics by which diversity, when embraced, acts as a source of creative potential. Social stigmas can occur in many different forms -The most common dealing with culture, gender, race, religion, illness and disease.
The result of social stigmas leave individuals usually feel different and devalued - seen as outside of the circle of community. The effects are demoralizing. It’s important we recognize that expanding circle of opportunity - to realize the innate potential in our society, is a continuing process of inclusion. Seeing others for who they are. - Jeffrey B. Besecker - The Light Inside

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