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Services and Expertise

From individual coaching, to informative podcast guest, from Motivational Speaker to ADHD group support, check out my various services and learn more about how we can work together. 

Public Speaking

As an informative and motivational speaker, my mission is to support corporations, nonprofits, podcasts, schools, and parent groups in understanding and effectively provide support for people with ADHD. Together, we will create environments that empower adults with ADHD to thrive. By collaborating with your group, I aim to combat the stigma surrounding ADHD and foster awareness of the challenges, resilience, and unique strengths that individuals with ADHD bring to a neurotypical world.


Let's work together to embrace diversity and unlock the potential within each individual!

Contact me today if you'd like to have me as a speaker, a guest on your podcast, or to collaborate with me on your neurodivergent inclusion projects! 

Supportive Friend

Individual Coaching

Let's work together to understand how your ADHD affects you and the things that are causing you to struggle. We will work to discover what strengths that you have, what tools and strategies that you need, and then develop a plan to move forward to meet your goals. We will put in place structure to support your weaknesses by using your personal strengths and focusing on them and conquering those things that are holding you back from your happiness. 

Relationship Coaching

Are you a couple with ADHD? One or both of you? ADHD affects relationships in so many different ways. The dynamics may seem unfair, with one or both feeling that they do more in the relationship. Along the way, bitter feelings may have built up and, because of the inherent struggle of ADHD, emotions often seem extreme and stressful.

I will work with both of you and determine what the main issues are, separate from the drama and past struggles. We will work together objectively to learn how ADHD is affecting you both, build communication skills, and create a framework for the partnership you both crave from each other.

Couples Therapy
Father and Son in Bed

Parent Coaching

Parenting is hard. Parenting when you have kids with ADHD is even harder. Considering that ADHD is largely genetic, if you have a child with ADHD, there's a 40% likelihood that you, your partner, or both, have ADHD. 

Parenting when you have untreated or undiagnosed ADHD can be a nightmare. All the fears, emotional dysregulation and struggles people with ADHD live with magnified as parents, the stress and frustration overwhelming to the extreme. 

We will work together to not only determine how ADHD is affecting your family but also work on solid parenting skills that will give your children and yourself the environment that you all need to thrive and build the foundation for success for everyone. 

Parent/Teacher Coaching

Teachers do their best, just as many parents do. Parents have to be the advocates for their children until they can advocate for themselves. If you have a child with ADHD and need to work with their teacher to help them with their ADHD, I will show you how you can all work as a team to make sure that your child is getting the best support and education that they can get, not just at home, but in the classroom. 

Doing Homework
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