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It's ok to live a Life that others don't understand

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ADHD Life, Relationship, & Career Coaching

Living in our society with ADHD can make our lives hard. Our minds think and perform differently, and our society is not set up to help us the way it should. Sometimes it even seems that it goes out of its way to make our lives miserable. 

The thing is, we are different, and that is ok. We think differently; we feel differently. For us, there aren’t cookie-cutter solutions. You and I will work together to design a custom plan for the problems that you face. Together, we will learn to find your happiness, create sustainable habits, and find your purpose, despite the unrealistic expectations of the society we live in.

With me you’ll learn:

  • How to discover your strengths, limitations, and the accommodations that you may need for your ADHD and its comorbidities.

  • How to communicate effectively to those around you about how ADHD affects you.

  • What kind of boundaries, environment and tools that you need so that you can thrive, achieve your goals, and find your purpose. 


It takes an entire process to manage ADHD. It’s not just medication, nor simply therapy. It’s an entire mindset and lifestyle change, and it’s specific to each and everyone of us.


I want to help you find your process and make lasting changes in your life.

Sometimes, Even Santa Needs Help With ADHD!

"I was recently diagnosed with Adult ADHD at 53 years old. I was shocked and confused.

I found Shane Thrapp & it was like he was put in my path. He has assisted me greatly & did so with kindness & class. He was always able to support me through my diagnosis bumps and offer wise advice that left me feeling human again.

I would not hesitate to recommend him for anyone who has ADHD and is seeking a professional, knowledgeable & truly one of kind, coaching experience. Thank you Shane for being who you are !

Warmest regards, Truly Santa, Shane Flannigan C.E.E."

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Stagnation & Chaos may be a part of our universe, but it should not overtake us.
We should be consistently moving.

Forward, upward, and outward,

expanding our lives to find the happiness

that we all deserve.



You live in a society that doesn't understand you, or if you're dealing with a life of chaos. Contact me today and let's make a lasting change!

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