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Work with me and unlock your own methods for
creating order from your chaos!

You're holding it together on the outside, but inside, your mind is constantly racing with the chaos of a million thoughts and ideas.

You feel like you're navigating life through a maze of distractions and obstacles. Every. Single. Day.

Others seem to effortlessly manage their careers, maintain healthy relationships, pursue their passions, and still have time for self-care and relaxation.

Yet simple tasks like organizing your schedule, prioritizing your to-do list, and following through on commitments feel overwhelming and draining.

You're exhausted by the constant struggle to keep up with the demands of daily life. The never-ending cycle of procrastination, impulsivity, and self-doubt associated with managing your ADHD symptoms keeps you feeling stuck, unable to move forward and reach your full potential.

This chaos leaves you feeling like you're always playing catch-up, never quite reaching your goals.

Work with me and transform your chaos into order and unlock your true brilliance!

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Hey there! My name is Shane Thrapp, and I am a Certified Life Coach specializing in ADHD, centered around Life, Relationships, and Career Development. I work to help people build personalized ADHD Systems and understand their ADHD.

I also served on the board of the Inattentive ADHD Coalition, and now I am the Operations Director for the Men’s ADHD Support Group.

Community is important to me, but so is helping others find acceptance while supporting them on their personal journey to discover their unique strengths and purpose. 

I understand the pain. Growing up, unrealistic expectations overwhelmed and constrained me. Those around me, mistaking my neurodivergence for defiance, meant my childhood was marked by escalating efforts to fix or control me— my feeling of alienation and lacking self-understanding all combined to lead to addictive escapes and me struggling desperately throughout my 20's to simply survive through masking my pain. 

At 30, my oldest son's ADHD diagnosis cracked my facade. However, confirming my neurodivergence took three more years despite my amazing wife's support. Finally, being properly equipped with knowledge and medication brought equilibrium until unmanaged stress strained my capacities, which resulted in a career-ending injury and the end of project management corporate work for me.


However, welcoming twins with my wife allowed me to reframe my uniqueness as a strength. I built my coaching practice, Creating Order From Chaos, to guide fellow neurodivergents, like you, to self-acceptance and finding your purpose. 

Now, through one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and public speaking engagements, I share my story to combat assumptions, spotlighting my clients' resilience, strength, and passion. I also advocate for inclusive environments at home, in schools, and in our work, where all minds can thrive as themselves. I believe embracing each mind’s capabilities catalyzes greatness.


As a certified ADHD coach and advocate, it’s my life’s passion to foster empowerment and understanding.


To see how we can work together, explore my services and book a Free Discovery Call Today!

Sometimes, Even Santa Needs Help With ADHD!

"I was recently diagnosed with Adult ADHD at 53 years old. I was shocked and confused.

I found Shane Thrapp & it was like he was put in my path. He has assisted me greatly & did so with kindness & class. He was always able to support me through my diagnosis bumps and offer wise advice that left me feeling human again.

I would not hesitate to recommend him for anyone who has ADHD and is seeking a professional, knowledgeable & truly one of kind, coaching experience. Thank you Shane for being who you are!

Warmest regards, Truly Santa, Shane Flannigan C.E.E."

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Santa Clause showing love for his favorite ADHD Coach
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The goal is not perfection; the goal is persistence.

Moving forward, upward, outward.

Constantly working to make incremental change

that is sustainable and long-lasting. 

We must work to understand that we are unique.

Part of our healing process must include

learning to accept us for who we are.

Not striving for a non-existent ideal of "normal."


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If you're struggling to find your way, or if you need help and support putting in place the tools you need to manage ADHD, contact me today! 

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