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Life Coaching and Business Consultant

Whether you are an individual looking for help and support, a business professional looking for collaboration, or a business looking for a dynamic public speaker, this is the place to schedule a time to discuss how we can work together!

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Let's work together to understand how your ADHD affects you and the things causing you to struggle. We will work to discover what strengths you have and what tools and strategies you need and then develop a plan to move forward to meet your goals. We'll put in place a unique framework to support your needs by using your strengths, focusing on them, and conquering those things holding you back from your passions and purpose. 

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Group Coaching

Discover your authentic self and learn how to thrive with ADHD in my transformative 4-month group coaching program.


We'll explore your unique strengths and challenges, developing personalized strategies to conquer limiting beliefs.


With a supportive community and my expert guidance, you'll gain the tools and mindset to embrace your ADHD and unlock your true potential. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, using your Values and Strengths to create a life of passion, purpose, and fulfillment.

Public Speaking

As an informative and motivational speaker, my mission is to help corporations, nonprofits, and medical professionals understand ADHD better and effectively provide support for those they work with. Together, we will create environments that empower adults with ADHD to thrive. 


By collaborating with your group, I aim to combat the stigma surrounding ADHD and foster awareness of the challenges, resilience, and unique strengths that individuals with ADHD bring to a neurotypical world.


Let's work together to embrace diversity and unlock the potential within each individual in our lives!

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Group Coaching
Public Speaking & Educatation
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